Below are some of the main questions many of you may have regarding memberships or what we offer!

What do you guys offer?

Currently we offer fast Shopify, Supreme, Footsite, etc monitors, Release Guides, Free Slots, Bot Rental Giveaways, Raffle Entries, Gmail Harvesting, 1 on 1 Support, and More!

What Membership Pricing do you have?

We currently have two tiers to better fit the different types of resellers. One is $10/m, which includes Monitors, Guides, and the basic info you need to cook on your own. This is for members who don’t have a large amount of $ to spend, but need that info to cook! The second plan is $25/m, which is the full plan. This includes all monitors, plus Free Weekly Slots, Gmail Harvesting, Free Bot Rentals, SNKRS Raffle Entry, Free Cookies, 1 on 1 Support 24/7, Adidas Raffle Entry, Sport Betting, Stocks, and anything new added in the future!

Why Join Arsenal Solutions?

We at Arsenal Solutions pride ourselves in making sure EVERY member has success, no matter what It takes. We want to pride ourselves in making sure we can effectively increase and ensure success among all members, which is we we keep the group VERY LIMITED. Every drop, members will have a full arsenal of mods running slots increasing your chances of success! And yes, we do hit our slots unlike many other large groups who rarely have success for slot forms. *P.s I hit 6 Box Logo Tees for members* If you every have any questions regarding our group, feel free to DM on twitter or email on our Contact Now Page!

Is any prior experience to Reselling Needed?

We at Arsenal are here to help any type of reseller, whether It be your first day or first year. We want to improve your experience so that you can make more money, easier! We know how difficult and stressful It can be starting to resell and bot shoes, which is why we have a team of mods, including myself, answering every question anybody may have. Remember, there are never any dumb questions! We are here to help no matter what It is, don’t feel afraid to ask something that may seem simple.

Is your Group Currently In-Stock?

We are In-Stock for the time being! We are constantly accessing our ability to maintain success with the current members, so we will soon close off memberships to ensure every member has the highest % chance of success! We don’t want hundreds of members all itching to get a few rentals, we want every member to get all our amazing features weekly, not once every year. Buy Now when you are ready to cook with Arsenal Solutions!